Breathe it in…..

There is no task in this world that you cannot do,

So next time when your feet are trembling with fear in the process due;

Breathe it in, telling yourself this is a moment of review,

Unlike any other day its limits are also subdued.

You might overthink this again if it was the right thing,

Believe me your nervousness will only grow the more you sing;

So breathe it in, this phase is also going to pass,

Don’t be yourself to be the one to self-harass.

“Easier said than done”, you might ask who am I to judge,

Just another fellow passenger of the life that is trudge;

So Breathe it in, you aren’t alone who is tested,

Loose a little stress that you have so much invested.

Its okay to fail sometimes you must know,

Even if that is 2-3 times in a row;

So Breathe it in, believe that you have it all covered,

Unravel that self of yours which is yet to be discovered.

Until that last heartbeat, you still have time.

What is the zeal that keeps one going? What is the ingredient that makes one feel alive? Is that the
adrenaline rush to try something more challenging, the crust to prove that you are good at something you always thought you were?

For many of us like you and me, it must have been the passion to chase what we have wanted forever.
But destiny, “Thou art one heartless enchantress”. There are times in life when your fate makes you
draw those maps you never thought you’d follow. Eventually, you give up your dream questioning
your existence in the long run of life. So, is there a right time to unjinx the casted spell of fortune and
combat again for your passion?

They say,” when the going gets tough, the tough get going…” We are all the prisoners of our thoughts. The moment one realizes that its work is just filling up its pocket, not satisfying the thirst to the liveliness is when the person has to make the decision either to fight for its dream or to surrender.

History has pieces of evidence that the fighter instincts have got nothing to do with time, age, or
situations. Great people never come up with excuses; instead of playing victims, they prefer to play the opportunist card. They know how to turn their limitation into their advantage. When on one side, Business magnate like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg made big before time; we also have Gordon Moore, Vivienne Westwood who decided quite late in their life, to pursue the trail that leads to success.

It is mostly the X- factor in us that we need to find, to have that dare to dream big, to take bold steps
that might seem risky at that moment, to give ourselves all-in, to sweat and bleed when the situation demands. Time is seldom an excuse for being a coward and not being able to follow the passion you had for yourself. Always remember, “Life is too short to not travel along with your aspirations.”

Log kya kahenge….

Society is a hypothetical sphere of indefinite social beings who basically makes their way in and out of this domain very conveniently depending upon the flexibility of the norms set by these people which maybe then trending. Since society is abided by the rules which are assigned by the fickle state of human behaviour this structure is really abstract. As people who have the tendency of being a hypocrite are part of this pretence, they deceive to be someone they are not so as to feel a component of this so-called “SOCIETY”

They judge people for being their true- self if they find these people are misfit for this suppositional sphere. They question the character of someone who dresses up in a way, they doubt someone who is not home till late nights. They raise voices up against if a girl doesn’t want to marry or if a couple wants to be in live-in and many more… The list seems endless.

The pressure on one due to this SOCIETY is so high that at times some people find it easier to kill themselves rather than being looked up as a criminal because of some taboo in the eyes of society. So yes, I personally feel people are impacted by it someway or the other.

But I feel one must be raised in the way that they feel life worth living to the core rather than suffocating themselves or barely breathing on the thought of “Mr Sharma ki beta itna agee nikal gayi, tune humara naam kharab kar diya”.

Society needs to be progressive, it requires to rectify which is only possible if one stands out of this vicious circle and change choosing to live one’s life with disregard to ” log kya kahenge”.

Battle in and out!

Everyone is talking about the tough days life is bringing in the form of the most adverse pandemic we have seen in the history of forever,”CORONA”.

I have seen people posting online quarantine chill post, the work out routines, the tic-tok videos, memes, binge  watching series, dalgona coffee, the saree challenge and what not!

I have also seen the males in the family finally breaking the patriarchy helping whenever and whatever form they can help they do help in these tough times.

Looking outside the window i witness how finally when you wake up early you hear those chirping of birds playing a music that was lost in the noisy busy life, the fresh breeze swiftly hitting your face which felt like dust when you had a tight-packed routine.

You see lockdown is not actually locking us inside its rather preparing us to open up and grow as an individual when everything is over, giving us all the time we needed to introspect about ourselves which we couldn’t take out because we were and actually some of us even are too occupied in the choas of life.

We need to understand the importance of breaking free out of the cage of our mind so that when everything is over we can finally realise the importance of being free. Free from every thought that hinders us from moving forward, free from every hesitation of doubt that you had inside yourself ,I hope you realise its about time to cut that anchor.

I hope you realise its not the battle just outside but its the battle inside as even, so talk to your loved ones, make your family your priority, be humble to everyone, live every moment making a small gesture for the person you love, this crisis is the perfect example life is all about this moment, live it to the full.

Its inside you to win the battle in and out!

Stay inside, look inside you have an entire universe to look inside you♥️

Stay happy! Choose happiness, and choose wisely♥️

The theory of life!

Life is not a theoretical concept, you cannot put life into words for with every circumstances the definition of life changes, some might say its a journey in which you have to hop on to travel a distance with hindrances and thrill enough to have a worthwhile experience and the destination to this journey might be the hell or heavan which rates your performance of the journey as per thy deeds and karma; some might say life is a teacher who teaches the aspects of living, understanding the difference between doing the right and the wrong thing and testing the lesson it teaches us everynow and then to make this session an up and down rollercoaster ride and again you might top some tests and fail few others but your teacher also pushes you hard to bring out the best in you when you are done with tutoring; for me life is maybe I’d say a celebration with a few compulsive party popper who try to ruin the fun but you are the host of this party so you need to make sure that you at the end throw a kickass party and make this celebration worthwhile for life is life it happens to everyone as per its wish there’s nothing you can do about it instead of accepting the say things are and reacting to everything the way you are,boldly and strongly 🙂 🙂


Mankind has customarily inherited the quality of being fickle, subjected to human greed and gain, lets face it its true with everyone be it you yourself; if we were machines we’d say we are wired in that way, this is what makes us who we are, some may call it hypocrisy or your equivocation as if it were a bad thing, if you are judging someone for them same now is the question to ask yourself when was the last time that your behavior wasn’t circumstantial, you were at your best even when the entire universe was opposing you as if the winds flowing in the opposing direction and you still had fight your last breath to sail in your own direction, I’d not fear to admit I would also choose the easy way out and so would you even if that makes you less of who you are, ambiguity is human nature and you could never do anything about it if you could atleast you’d be a non fickle person, so stop judging people for their behavior you won’t know what they are going through and you won’t even know what you would have done when you are in their shoes. At the end of the day its all circumstantial.


Of every quality bestowed upon us an extremely singular is memory,

The ability to turn back to the chapters difficult,still or breezy;

Memories are the vital essence of our very existence,

Even if the person whom you shared it with is now distant.


Memories can be both bitter and sweet,

However hard you try it flashes whenever you meet;

But that is the beauty of this impression,

We cannot do anything about it until we rest in our coffin.


We are passengers travelling on the wings of time,

So with the changing winds the fellow rider can switch from nothing to prime;

And the moment you take to retrace your own steps,

You might realize you were just being a fool to intercept those peps.


Indeed memories are timeless possessions of your heart,

No matter how aloof you play they’ll be your integral part;

Embrace your actions because memories have a powerful impact,

They may warm you from inside but can also leave you whacked.


Life is putative to be a bliss. With the evolution of the social media we have entered a virtual realm and what we seek these days is tacit happiness. Ask this rhetorical question to yourself when was the last time that you actually burst into laughter and it wasn’t just an expression of LOL or ROFL? It might strike you now where am I going with this?

Well I am just trying to get ourselves in the same page,cause this is what Empathy is,you  to feel and understand what I am feeling inside from My frame of reference i.e.,you getting to wear my shoes.

We are always taught before reacting to any circumstances we should take into account the state of the other person that he is going through which forced him to conduct the deeds that he had done; which  is a  fair enough deal to justify sanity and has an impact on the decision that we make, but don’t you ever question yourself that you did was because it had to be done not on account that you wanted to do at the first place. Is this the real you?

As they say, “It tells a lot about you from how you make others feel about themselves”. We say things which we feel are just fine but it might be more of a deal by the other person, especially for someone who idealizes you. Just to make your loved ones happy you try to be someone you are not who is just lost under the surface because you have a constant pressure of walking in their shoes.

There comes this state when eventually nothing matter, you see yourself as a disappointment. People will make you feel like you are just an anchor holding the beloved ones down asking you to cut them loose being judgmental even when this   isn’t their place to speak but because you are an emotional em-path you give them the right to control you. There is a very fine line which may turn your empathy to apathy. Make sure you do not cross this threshold  because you have your own shoes too, you should not loose your perspective in the process of living with someone’s else perspective. Be a free considerate spirit and do not ever try to be someone who you are not.


At this hour when you face trouble falling  asleep,

Be vigilant that its time for your sowed seeds to be reaped;

This is the duration in your life of Midnight Blues,

Where there is a deep cut, wounded lips and salted bruise.

Some say love gives pleasure others think it as a source of pain,

Per SE its a question of dispute which can expend your brain;

For love is a powerful emotion that accompanies possession,

And If the trust foundation is intense then its an incompetent obsession.

One wrong turn can commute a healthy relation to bad blood,

As time flies you would wanna revert this emotional flood;

Subconsciously you regret fighting the person in the first place,

In that moment it was crystal clear what they wanted was space.

Our ego lets us screw up with the most vital person,

Can’t we learn to forgive and let go as doth children?

Cause all you anticipate in this period of midnight blue is sleep,

It requires to give up this narcissism as the soul is worth keep.


All the days are never the same

In difficult times all you have is god to blame

But deep down you always knew this was gonna happen

So stop accusing karma for your own actions

We say fortune is fickle but so are we

An undesirable event and boom we change on the count of three

But deep down may be this is who we actually are

And in a nasty way people whom we love the most we leave them with scars

At this moment all you wanna do is flee

Pause your life and realize every deception you see

But deep down whenever you are hurt

All you wanna do is clean up your dirt

Living Life is the most difficult task

After every role-play people reveal their hidden mask

Because deep down you always wanna believe

This apocalypse will pass like any other dark eve